Friday, November 30, 2012

New Items!

This past month has been so busy! We have been working on some new products, and there are even more to come! :)

Here are a few we've finished and are now available to purchase!

After many requests for matching suspenders, we've finally 'perfected' them. Here's a set we recently sent out. They're now available in any of our available fabrics!

Orange Suspender Set
 We've had so many requests for coordinating neckties. We went shopping for some new fabric, and here is one option we've added:
Geometric Neckties
 And of course, the all popular newsboy hat! After receiving so many requests we finally experimented and came up with this set (also available with a bow tie)
Candy Cane Stripe Newsboy Set
Be sure to leave a comment or send us a message if you have any other special item requests! :) 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Back At It!

Just realized I have forsaken this blog lately - for a lot longer than I though I had! No posts for more than a year?! Time to change that!

So much has happened that I'm not sure where to start . . . we've now sent orders to all 50 states and at least 6 countries (I'm not sure if I'm counting all of them right now!) . . . I've gone from about 20 different fabric patterns in stock to about 200 . . . we've added another family member and our now 3 month old peanut keeps me very busy! . . . I've added some new items . . . suspenders, newsboy hats and banners . . we've moved and I can now dedicate a whole room to sewing . . . and a lot of other things!

Stay tuned for more updates to come!!  

I'm hoping to keep the blog a little more up to date with not only new products and fabrics, but also a little about living with a 'un-conventional' job (try explaining to your child's doctor that you make diaper covers and neck ties to sell online!) , maybe some DIY projects if I have the time to add those, and who knows what else! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Paisley, Paisley, Everywhere!

Who doesn't love paisleys? I recently picked up a few more paisleys to add to my shop, and I just wanted to share them here. I love them! 

Blue Paisley Tie . . . the first fabric I had in stock, which quickly sold out! I was just able to get my hands on this one again (but not much of it), so it's now available for a limited time! 
Teal paisely: it's been my most popular paisley!

Teal/ Orange, Pink, and Blue/Green Paisley are also now available! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Seams2u Is Global!

Here is an updated map! So far orders have been sent to 44 states, a few to Australia, several to Canada (4 different provinces) and one to Germany! So excited to watch Seams2u expand!

Thanks for your continued support and prayers! :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Girly Crafts!

Since I have a mostly boys etsy shop, I sometimes get a little tired of making things only for boys! Tonight while my husband went out to play soccer, I decided to have a craft night (that means no sewing!). Here's what the results were:

Fabric Flowers

Felt Flowers (I think they'll go great on a little girl's headband!)

More felt flowers, on a headband to match this new material! :)

So many fun things to make, just not enough time in the day to make them! Let me know if you have any projects you love to create!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

All Over the Country, and Now the World!

On my last updated, August 24, I had sent orders to 11 states. Now just a month later, that number has jumped to 31 states (CA being the most popular with 15 orders!) as well as two to Ontario, and one to Germany! Seams2u has now gone global!! :)

Thanks for your continued support. I expect to hit 100 sales in the next couple days, since I'm currently at 97!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Seams2u Tags!

With any new order, you will now see a tag attached! :) I found as I was sewing, I would get mixed up as to which was the front and back of the diaper cover, and can't help but think that maybe some of the recipients did too! So my husband designed the little tags, I printed them, and here they are . . . all set to go!

I just love them!

And I think they look super cute on the diaper covers! :) 

And in other news, here's the latest fall argyle available (along with the Seams2u tag attached)!! :)