Thursday, November 10, 2011

Paisley, Paisley, Everywhere!

Who doesn't love paisleys? I recently picked up a few more paisleys to add to my shop, and I just wanted to share them here. I love them! 

Blue Paisley Tie . . . the first fabric I had in stock, which quickly sold out! I was just able to get my hands on this one again (but not much of it), so it's now available for a limited time! 
Teal paisely: it's been my most popular paisley!

Teal/ Orange, Pink, and Blue/Green Paisley are also now available! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Seams2u Is Global!

Here is an updated map! So far orders have been sent to 44 states, a few to Australia, several to Canada (4 different provinces) and one to Germany! So excited to watch Seams2u expand!

Thanks for your continued support and prayers! :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Girly Crafts!

Since I have a mostly boys etsy shop, I sometimes get a little tired of making things only for boys! Tonight while my husband went out to play soccer, I decided to have a craft night (that means no sewing!). Here's what the results were:

Fabric Flowers

Felt Flowers (I think they'll go great on a little girl's headband!)

More felt flowers, on a headband to match this new material! :)

So many fun things to make, just not enough time in the day to make them! Let me know if you have any projects you love to create!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

All Over the Country, and Now the World!

On my last updated, August 24, I had sent orders to 11 states. Now just a month later, that number has jumped to 31 states (CA being the most popular with 15 orders!) as well as two to Ontario, and one to Germany! Seams2u has now gone global!! :)

Thanks for your continued support. I expect to hit 100 sales in the next couple days, since I'm currently at 97!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Seams2u Tags!

With any new order, you will now see a tag attached! :) I found as I was sewing, I would get mixed up as to which was the front and back of the diaper cover, and can't help but think that maybe some of the recipients did too! So my husband designed the little tags, I printed them, and here they are . . . all set to go!

I just love them!

And I think they look super cute on the diaper covers! :) 

And in other news, here's the latest fall argyle available (along with the Seams2u tag attached)!! :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall Is Here!!

Since I have lived in warm climates overseas for the past 3 years, I haven't had a fall time to enjoy since 2007. I am SO excited to celebrate fall this year, since it's my favorite season anyway!

Here are some of the fall happenings around my household so far:

On a hay ride with my husband as we went apple picking on Labor Day!

Cute little pumpkins I made!!

Some falling leaves made from felt!

I hope everyone else is enjoying fun fall activities!!

Christmas Prints!

The newest Christmas prints are now available! I have only had a chance to create one set so far, since I have been busy with other orders!, but here is what it looks like:

I also have these 2 other Christmas fabrics available right now. Hopefully I will have some pictures of these sets up soon! :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Projects as of Late

I haven't been posting as much as I'd like. Part of that is due to a trip to visit some adorable nephews, and also because I've been so busy with orders the last week and a half!

As of right now, I've sold 22 orders on etsy, and 20 of them have been ties and diaper covers, and sometimes multiple sets! I've been sending lots to photographers for photo shoots, first birthday parties, newborn pictures, etc. I just received a link from a photographer with some of the pictures she took, and as soon as I receive permission I'll pass those along for everyone to check out!

Here's a couple photos of what I've been making recently:

The argyles have been, by far the most popular! I have made so many of them I think I am getting tired of looking at it! But they do come out cute, every time. :)

Well, off to work I go! I sent out one order this morning, and throughout the day I received orders for 5 more sets. So I need to get busy! :) 

Thanks for your continued support!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All Over the U.S!!

So far we have sent orders to 11 different states! There are still a few more in the works, but just wanted to share this map with you all!

Thanks for your continued support! It's been a lot of fun so far!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The next couple orders are ready to go, and here are a couple pictures. I think they're just so cute! :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Another Cute Purse!

Ok so this one is so cute, and completely reversible! I just want to keep all these bags and purses! :) You can check it out here in my etsy shop.

It reminds me of bags I used to buy for my friends when I lived in Bangkok. Maybe I'll have to name it the Bangkok Bag. :)


The first two orders from Seams2u at my etsy store were shipped out this morning! Now I have a couple other orders I need to get busy working on!

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement! :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Grocery Bag Dispensers!

One of my friends asked me to make her a holder for her grocery bags, and here's the one I made:
I had some comments from friends asking for others, so here are a couple more I made, and have put in my etsy shop. I do have others I plan on making, but if you have a particular request for a color scheme or pattern, leave a comment!

Also, you can click on the pictures below and it will take you straight to my etsy shop! :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Latest Items!

I have recently posted a few more items in my etsy shop . . . thanks for bearing with me as I get more inventory available! :)

A few weeks ago I listed this adorable lunch bag. Perfect for back to school! I think I'll have to make one for myself as well! :) I took pictures and plan on posting a tutorial, so you can make one for yourself! No promises of when that will be . . . we'll see when I get the time!

I also finished this purse and posted it for sale as well. I wanted to keep it so badly (cuz it's so cute!), but I know the last thing I need right now is another purse! So I decided to share it with someone who can make a little more use out of it than I can. And a great benefit of this purse is that this material (Schumacher Fergana Print), is usually over $70 a yard, but I was able to get it for a great deal, so I'm passing along that savings to whoever purchases it! Who doesn't like a great deal?!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby Tie!

I have been experimenting with baby ties recently, and thought of another way to make them!

I got an old tie from the thrift shop, used the skinny end (the side that is usually the 'tail' of the tie!), and tied it so there was a 12" neck and the measurement from the bottom of the knot to the top of the tie is about 9". I usually clip the neck and attach velcro so it makes it easy to put on, like a bib. But this time I decided to attach some elastic. I cut away a couple inches of the neck and attached a piece of velcro instead. It doesn't look the nicest around the neck, but I figured that part will fit under the collar anyway.

A fun, quick project! I look forward to my nephews trying it on! :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby Burp Cloths & Bib!

I have seen so many tutorials for baby burp cloths that I figured I'd give it a try!

My husband and I were on a 'date' night last night, and we made it into JoAnn Fabrics. I couldn't pass up this adorable flannel print! I already had the solid color, and I thought they went together perfectly!
I lined it with some Warm & Natural batting, so they'd be extra absorbent.

They are so soft and cuddly!!

I just love them!

I also made a baby bib, and here they are all together:

 It was also the first time I put snaps on something. And I don't mean the sew-in snaps (I did that a lot!), but REAL snaps. For these I used a little package that I bought at Walmart for $2 something. You hammer it in using the little tool. You can also buy a higher tech tool for about $20 something, but figured I'd start small first.

I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome!! :) Now I have a cute little gift, all set to go!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Basic Sewing Notions

For those of you who are new to sewing, welcome!! I know the sewing process can be overwhelming as you get started, so I just wanted to introduce you to some of the basic sewing tools, often called 'notions.' I put them in order - mostly - of how I rate their importance. Of course that depends based on your project. But I guess it's based on how often I use them! If you have any questions or need clarifications, leave me a comment!


So these first few are a little hard to put in order, cuz a few of these are necessary items! But I guess you really can't sew without thread. So that's #1. And you can see how well I take care of my thread stash. Most of it was given to me by an aunt, and it's about the same way she gave it to me. I just dig through to find the color I need. Someday it will be organized. I hope.

 Pins are a MUST! I personally like the quilter's pins since their large heads make them easy to grab, and their long length makes them easy to use. The short ones drive me crazy. And no, I don't use a pin cushion. I just keep that little box next to me, and I haven't lost one yet. I don't think!

You WILL need at least one seam ripper. No question. I have both a large and small one, but if you're just getting one, I'd say to get the larger one. It's just better.

A good tape measure. You'll need it.

And at least one small one. I have 3 cuz if I'm at the machine, it's at the iron, if I'm at the iron, it's on the table, if I'm at the table . . . you know how it goes. I like to keep them handy!

A good pair of sewing scissors (or two or three). Personally I keep a little pair by the sewing machine to snip threads, another pair just for fabric, and yet another for paper (patterns, ribbon wrappers, etc). Paper makes scissors dull in no time, so my fabric scissors never touch paper. I also have a pair of pinking shears. They're pretty helpful, but not necessary. And as you can tell, I'm a Fiskars girl.

Bobbins. If you're going to do any sewing on a machine, I'd highly recommend a pack of bobbins . . . so you can change the thread on your machine! That's a must. Be sure to check which kind your machine uses before you go buy some!

Spare sewing machine needles are handy, but not 100% necessary yet if you're just starting out.. Just for those occasions when they go dull . . . or worse yet, break.

Hand sewing needles. Again, these may rate higher on your list . . . especially if you don't already have a machine! But for me, I just use them occasionally to close small gaps or attach certain buttons. Either way, they're a good thing to have.

Invisible Ink, chalk or water soluble marker. I personally like the invisible ink the most (normally it's in a purple lid). The water soluble marker is only helpful if you're going to mark something and then let it sit for a couple days before you sew. But if you're like me, you get your project finished. So mark it, sew it, and it disappears. It's perfect. Also I have some of that tailor's chalk. Let's just say I think it used to be my grandma's. I don't really use it anymore.

Loop Turner (the long skinny one), and a Pointy thing. Yeah, I don't remember what it's called. I only use that for collars, and I don't make those much anymore. The loop turner I use ALL the time. Especially when making something long and skinny . . . like a purse handle . . . or a baby tie . . . or a million other things.

Fray Check. It isn't so much of a necessity to me as it once was (especially since I picked this bottle up only to realize it's dried out!), but another solution that works nearly as well on most items: clear nail polish.

I'm sure there's even more notions than I regularly use, those were just all I could think of right now! Oh, and these aren't really notions, but I'd highly recommend a sewing machine and an iron. You'll need 'em!

Feel free to comment if you think of something else I might have missed, or have any questions! :)