Monday, August 29, 2011

Projects as of Late

I haven't been posting as much as I'd like. Part of that is due to a trip to visit some adorable nephews, and also because I've been so busy with orders the last week and a half!

As of right now, I've sold 22 orders on etsy, and 20 of them have been ties and diaper covers, and sometimes multiple sets! I've been sending lots to photographers for photo shoots, first birthday parties, newborn pictures, etc. I just received a link from a photographer with some of the pictures she took, and as soon as I receive permission I'll pass those along for everyone to check out!

Here's a couple photos of what I've been making recently:

The argyles have been, by far the most popular! I have made so many of them I think I am getting tired of looking at it! But they do come out cute, every time. :)

Well, off to work I go! I sent out one order this morning, and throughout the day I received orders for 5 more sets. So I need to get busy! :) 

Thanks for your continued support!

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